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Our portfolio page with our clients cases that was made with love in collaborations with great ideas that change the world.
If you are professional, startuper of Hi-Tech, production, style, fashion, art or cinema you will like our work.
Time is money so we make our videos SHORT less than 30 seconds.
except some that usually no longer than 1.30 min.
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Shutter Studio Showreel

Shutter Studio it is filmmaker studio based in Israel that makes their projects around the globe.
Commercial videos, documentary, fashion, intervew, promo
all kind of video content social media and your customers.

Make your customer Inspirated
Core team
We are photograhers and filmmakers with total working experience - 18 years.
Gregory Yarin
Film Director and Filmmaker
Last year Grerogy's filmes took prizes on international film festivals, that was choosen by Tel Aviv University. He well-known as a proffesional film producer and director can make your project as much proffessional as we can.
Anton Mislawsky
Filmmaker and photographer
International and destination photographer and filmmaker. Anton worked for big corporations, famous bloggers and celebreties around in Israel, Russia and around the globe. He visited more than 32 countires and have advanced knowledge in digital marketing. He knows how to aim your goals

Our cases

Stories of our clients speak better than we about ourselves

Case 01: Israeli pistols production from a scratch

BUL ARMORY is a proffesional company that produces sport guns, weapon and well-known in Israel and abroad in the sphere. The company came to us to make professional video of production processes that will show all steps from the scratch until tests of final products on the pavillion.

Second and next video we made for with professional sportsmen that use their guns on sport competions. We made on video film in Israel and Spain.

Case 02 : California story for fashion stylist

STORY: Maria Medvedeva is a personal wardrobe stylist that lives in Bay Area , California.
Maria came to us to make a presentation of her work and represent her unique and professional experience in 3 storytelling videos about her three female customers. For one month we travelled around Sylicon Valley and filmed footage. Video was represented on many stlists conferences and social media for promotion her and our work.

The next step is to make storytelling video for Maria Medvedeva about her creative process and life

Case 03: Graphics, animation and after effects

1: Video tutorial for one of cosmetic brand that explains for hairdresses the whole process of some of popular cosmetic procedure

2: Video advertising for bridal dress designers that promote Anton Mislawsky as a fashion photogahper and filmmaker
Tutorial with After Effects
Advertising for a photographer

Case 04: Rally video for The Culture and Sport Ministry

For one year we was connected to all activity that was happend with motor races in Israel. We made movies and reports for Israeli TV about Karting.
We filmed Rallies of motocycles in Negev deserts , Drag races and all kind social media content for their facebook and instagram pages
Rally Sprint Israel
Rally Raid Israel in Negev Desert

Case 05: Engagement Love Story video from Venice

We came to Venice in November to make videos for a italian wedding planner YouTube channel, but spontaneusly we was recommened for an jewish couple that lives in Berlin. They came to Venice for a few days to make Love Story video. The plan was to make videos that copy style of one famous israeli wedding filmmaker.

The video a bit out of our style, but every new experience is a chance for growth.
The most importrant part was a preparation of a storyboard for such video, because we had just 2.5 hours to make story before that it will get dark in Venice.

Case 06: Israeli fashion designers

We love fashion and beauty. Anton Mislawsky and Grerory Yarin make campaigns in Europe, Israel, Russia and Ukraine and USA.
Designers make our content for their Social media, websites, Instagram and video advertising
Spanish fashion story
Israeli Bridal dress designer campaign made in Warsaw
Blue Lagune Swimwear
ATLAS magazine video collaboration

Case 07: Muscians, Online concerts

We created music clips for different musicians, online shows, promos, lives, concerts for Facebook, open calls, competitions, festivals, grants etc
Ice Hokku Live
Hear my echo - Inbal Paz

Case 08: Interviews for TV, Private Webinars

We created different interviews with influencers, bloggers, fashion designers, photogphers for different type of media as TV, closed Facebook groups, subscription channels and educational platforms and webinars
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